This week's top double-talk line:  “The reason is that it would be a tax on consumers,” Mr. Kallmer said, “precisely the people we are trying to support.”

Bullshit, Mr. Kallmer, you're only trying to protect the interest of General Electric and Goldman Sachs, and You know it.

Mr. Kallmer said this bullshit about the affects the Trump tariffs on Chinese will have on consumer products.  Mr. Kallmer said that it was going to hurt consumers to scare you; truth is, if they aren't willing to cut into their Million Dollar bonus checks and want to pass the cost onto us, do it; but inside, everyone knows: we won't buy it!  -- get it, I used Buy It as in we're calling bullshit, but it works both ways. 

See Mr. Kallmer, we ain't all dumb idiots who will buy anything you say.

Josh Kallmer, is the senior vice president for global policy at the Information Technology Industry Council, an advocate for companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and IBM.   Yes, a lobbyist to the lobbyist.


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