I like the Donald? What!

I hate to write this but have too, that Damned Donald Trump has now done three things I think are OK? 

As I mentioned before, giving people food instead of a voucher seems right on with me; telling the conservatives they are chicken for not standing up to the NRA; and now, putting tariffs on incoming steel.  Something in my eyes should have been done a long time ago but Democrats are too chicken shit to do anything that makes them look like a Labor Party.  

So, anyway, I've decided to start drinking tap water again so I can get my fluoride fix to go back to hating on the Donald. 

This can only mean one thing:  the Republicans have had enough with him as they had with their own Nixon when he passed the Environmental Protection Act: impeachment is on the horizon folks, not sure how I stand on that except to continue my national campaign of Stop Voting for Democrats or Republicans.   Vote: None of the Above!  Or write in your own name, or shit, mine:  Dr. TV Boogie. 
I'll at least bring your cable tv rates down.   I guaranty you that! 

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