Autopilot solution!

 So, there's another Autopilot accident, and another death.  I don't get it?  If you don't want to drive your car, take the bus.   Problem solved.  

Here's the article:

Tesla Driver Died Using Autopilot, With Hands Off Steering Wheel



You know, I didn't want to get into this whole religious argument, not around this time of year, Easter, when half of the remaining Christians I know have decided to give up cigarettes or alcohol for lint: they are dangerous people.  But I'm at this party and this bubble-head-bleech-blond with a tangling Jesus-cross earring ask me:  "Why don't you give us our Holiday."

She was talking about Easter.

"Well," I said, "I just don't get why you people continue to worship that myth when you know it's not true.  Jesus never rose from the dead on Easter, it's a common fact that this is the Spring Equinox celebration... everyone knows that."

"So what if it is a myth... Jesus was a great man."

And that, Children, is where their faith is today: they know it's a lie, but so what: he was a great man.

Dare I tell her that there is no historic record of Jesus?  There are a ton of reference to Casear, but to date, none of a man called Jesus until around the year 200 when the church had made it impossible to get a job without acting like you believed.

Cut the shit.

Let's get on with the real spirituality, whatever it is.  Stop dealing me myths, bitch (I don't think I said "bitch," but I really wanted to... then again, she was my mom.

Grow up.  
If you got a faith, get out of my face!

CNN Lies:

"Hear me out," the Late Show host said after pointing the finger at a network Trump has accused of being "Fake News."  "Last night, we had my old friend Dana Carvey on the show, and he did a fantastic impression of the new national security adviser, John Bolton." So what's Colbert's beef? Showing a screenshot, he said CNN wrote about the skit with the headline "Look who's playing John Bolton on SNL." (If the network did post such a story, it appears the article is no longer on the outlet's website.)

A savoir has risen: Nilolas Cruz Fan Club, no shit.

Why do I even try to make sense of anything.   That's right kids, something very foolish is happening in America and doesn't include politicians or clergy:

Crazed girls flood Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz with fan mail

 Don't have time to read that link?  Here's what you'll see:

Yes, it's a strange world we live in.  

God rest ye merry Gentleman... a savoir has risen!
So I’m reading in today’s print that the porn star, Stormy Daniels is a graduate of the Art’s Magnet School system.   Me too!  Armed with this knowleadge I figured I had an excuse to shut the blinds and critique her films, what I didn’t expect to find is that she is a talented actress.   The porn stuff is just a sideshow.  Here are some of her films I really liked:

Stormy Goes To Washington.

Then there is her badass productions: Nude Man in the Park.

She’s good!   You go girl!

What’s happening to my world?  I don’t get it?  I find myself agreeing with Donald Trump with his food for food stamps program, calling politicians “sissy” for not standing up to the NRA, and putting tarriffs on foreign steel. (I might be open to hearing more about his giving homeless people a place to
live where he builds the boarder wall, but I have to wait to hear more about it.)

So, I’ve done some soul searching about that, but then today I read:

Mitch McConnell renews push to legalize industrial hemp

And I’m really thinking WFT?  Mitch McConnell is doing something sensible like legalizing hemp?

Now if they only shake the Sexist/White Power rhetoric, they might be approaching... dare I say... acceptable!!!

Give the kids Rocks Replaces: Let Them Eat Cake!

Don't think the USA has been dumped down?   Read this article where a school actually believes it will make schools safer by arming classrooms with a bucket of rocks.

This school district’s plan to stop shooters: Arming students with a bucket of rocks

 This by-the-way, on the same day has hundreds-of-thousand march against School Gun Violence.  

Getting back to the rocks, sounds like a Charlie Brown solution to me; remember, Charlie Brown use to get rocks while the others got candy.   Maybe giving the kids candy would be a better solution, they could maybe bride the kid with an AR15 sub-machine gun to stop killing with it?   
Makes about as much sense now doens't it. 

Betsy DeVos is an Evil Creationism.

This Ain't Happening!

The reason Betsy DeVos wanted to be secretary of education was so she could shift billions to alternative schools where they can teach "Creationism" as a fact.  Why don't she just come out and admit it? 

I like the Donald? What!

I hate to write this but have too, that Damned Donald Trump has now done three things I think are OK? 

As I mentioned before, giving people food instead of a voucher seems right on with me; telling the conservatives they are chicken for not standing up to the NRA; and now, putting tariffs on incoming steel.  Something in my eyes should have been done a long time ago but Democrats are too chicken shit to do anything that makes them look like a Labor Party.  

So, anyway, I've decided to start drinking tap water again so I can get my fluoride fix to go back to hating on the Donald. 

This can only mean one thing:  the Republicans have had enough with him as they had with their own Nixon when he passed the Environmental Protection Act: impeachment is on the horizon folks, not sure how I stand on that except to continue my national campaign of Stop Voting for Democrats or Republicans.   Vote: None of the Above!  Or write in your own name, or shit, mine:  Dr. TV Boogie. 
I'll at least bring your cable tv rates down.   I guaranty you that! 

Nothing to see here folks, the Rapture has happened.  We've moved stuff to Patron. That's okay isn't? ...