Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle - Fascist

In case there was any doubt who your elected officers represent, there shouldn't be after reading this article from the Washington Post:

Days after Delta Air Lines announced it would stop offering discounted fares to National Rifle Association members, a top Georgia Republican retaliated, vowing to kill legislation that would hand the airline a lucrative tax break.
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R), who leads the Georgia State Senate, demanded on Monday that Atlanta-based...

That's right boys-and-girls, if the majority of you get together and request something be done about the most evilest of all lobbies,  the NRA (who has as much to do with your right to own a gun as Jesus does with your Sunday morning Christian Church), your elected officials, in this case, one Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) of Georgia, can threaten them with a fine in the form of raising their taxes.

Now, there's no doubt that your elected office serves the wealthy over you, and the NRA is part of that group, it's job is to ensure the gun manufacturers make money!  Screw you and me for wanting some-kind of common sense gun control. 

The revolution will come if they don't start treating us better.   That is for certain.  For one day, common Joe/Jane is going to wake up and see he/she is not living in a democracy, but the most fascist society sense Hitler, only, a friendlier/kinder fascism, still, the rights of those with money over the voting populace. 

Wake up America before it is too late and we are shooting poor people on the street because politicians like Casey Cagle and the NRA are calling them Zombies.

I'm a Zombie. 


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