It really is brilliant how they win the argument.   It's politics at its best.  The NRA that is. 

In the aftermath of the school shooting last-week where 17 people were killed (1 adult, 16 kids), the NRA (National-Rightwing-Association), in response to the millions of protestor demanding congress do something about the availability of assault military weapons to anyone with the desire to kill.   The NRA spokespeople -- mostly the same folks who identify with the Christian Right and Republican Fox-News party -- changed the argument about gun violence to... "The Liberals Love Mass Shootings to use them to take our guns away..." 

Ouch, wow, you win another one with your automatic-assault-words.  Yeah, you are right, the real problem here is not the man with the gun shooting up kids, it's liberals like me demanding we do something about it.

Damn I hate being liberal and wrong all-the-time.

Truth is, who cares and so, let's have a parade!

No fascist society is whole without one! 

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