Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle - Fascist

In case there was any doubt who your elected officers represent, there shouldn't be after reading this article from the Washington Post:

Days after Delta Air Lines announced it would stop offering discounted fares to National Rifle Association members, a top Georgia Republican retaliated, vowing to kill legislation that would hand the airline a lucrative tax break.
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R), who leads the Georgia State Senate, demanded on Monday that Atlanta-based...

That's right boys-and-girls, if the majority of you get together and request something be done about the most evilest of all lobbies,  the NRA (who has as much to do with your right to own a gun as Jesus does with your Sunday morning Christian Church), your elected officials, in this case, one Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) of Georgia, can threaten them with a fine in the form of raising their taxes.

Now, there's no doubt that your elected office serves the wealthy over you, and the NRA is part of that group, it's job is to ensure the gun manufacturers make money!  Screw you and me for wanting some-kind of common sense gun control. 

The revolution will come if they don't start treating us better.   That is for certain.  For one day, common Joe/Jane is going to wake up and see he/she is not living in a democracy, but the most fascist society sense Hitler, only, a friendlier/kinder fascism, still, the rights of those with money over the voting populace. 

Wake up America before it is too late and we are shooting poor people on the street because politicians like Casey Cagle and the NRA are calling them Zombies.

I'm a Zombie. 

It really is brilliant how they win the argument.   It's politics at its best.  The NRA that is. 

In the aftermath of the school shooting last-week where 17 people were killed (1 adult, 16 kids), the NRA (National-Rightwing-Association), in response to the millions of protestor demanding congress do something about the availability of assault military weapons to anyone with the desire to kill.   The NRA spokespeople -- mostly the same folks who identify with the Christian Right and Republican Fox-News party -- changed the argument about gun violence to... "The Liberals Love Mass Shootings to use them to take our guns away..." 

Ouch, wow, you win another one with your automatic-assault-words.  Yeah, you are right, the real problem here is not the man with the gun shooting up kids, it's liberals like me demanding we do something about it.

Damn I hate being liberal and wrong all-the-time.

Truth is, who cares and so, let's have a parade!

No fascist society is whole without one! 

T704-Lb. Woman Goes for Weight Loss Surgery After Finding Maggots in the Folds of Her Skin

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God Bless The Deer.

As if my eyes don't deceive me.  

Outside NRA headquarters, hundreds gather in vigil and protest


At a gathering outside the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax, Gillian Beard cries as she is held by speaker Peter Reed, whose daughter was killed during the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings. (Clarence Williams/The Washington Post)

 Millions of deer rejoice!  
You know that's right!

Here's a news headline you are certain to hear about from Fake-Christians (F-Christians for short) who definitely will use it to justify their next abortion clinic bombing or police violence murder to a black person, because, well, "He scared the shit out-of-me with his gold teeth!" 

North Carolina mom begins serving jail sentence for baptizing daughter

"Not aloud to baptize her baby in America!  No, no, tell me it isn't so.  It's that Hilary Clinton again!"

No, it's not, it is Fox News reporting something that has nothing to do with you or me in the hopes it will keep you voting for Right Wing Nuts who say they are Christians.... just know that the beloved sister was in a child custody battle where the father didn't want their child  baptized in water for fear they might hold her under too long, so he won a court decision with  a conservative (Christian judge that is to say), who believed she needed to wait until the trial.  Of course, the mother said, "f87K the law when it applies to me," and had the child baptized, and for her disobeying the court order she was jailed with crack whores and Democrats.

So the truth, Fox News, is this:  Woman Jailed for Disobeying a Court Order in a Nation Where Law Matters." 

God bless the Deer!

Cold day in hell, I agree with Trump for once.

Dang, that’s brilliant Mr Trump, why didn’t we think of that.  I’m talking about Trumps replacement plan for food stamps: give them food! I call Mr Trump in his bull-shit military parade and tax cut for the wealthy, but this plan as written in The Washington Post makes sense to me?

Nothing to see here folks, the Rapture has happened.  We've moved stuff to Patron. That's okay isn't? ...