Wonder why your kid has that rash on her legs?   Used a Costco shopping cart lately?

No crap sports fans, these are actual photos of a meat delivery made in San Jose California according to News 9 in the city of which shares that same name?

On a brighter note, McDonald swears that they have stopped adding the pink mystery additive to their meat -- so they say.   It is still a fact that the alien looking candy additive was used up till 2012.    Feel like barfing yet remembering all those big macks?

Finally, I gave up meat years ago when I worked at a fast-food burger joint (the one that sells mine burgers with fried onions) and the company decided to hold an eating contest and reward the winner a $500 check for the individual who could eat the most.   The contest was a real barf fest with the top contestants having to have their stomachs pumped.

I attempted to eat meat still a few years until I toured a Texas meat slaughterhouse and saw how they attempted to knock the cows out with a violent knock on the head while they started removing their coats.  Some still conscious and moaning in pain.

So I moved to chicken...
Yeah, I probably shouldn't go there.

Yum, yum Mr. Trump

You really know your food groups, Mr. Presidents.
"Out of my way, I'm having a yugh Big Mac Attack!"

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