school killings, gummy bears, and satan

Some things are disgusting I tell you, especially to those of us who meditate.

Take this, for instance; I'm at a conservative meeting in Dallas Texas and go for a cup of coffee.  The talk around the pot is how disgusted these specimens were in the news of the young girl and took grandpa's Gummy Bears to school, only to find out that they were laced with marijuana.

"That's why we don't need to legalize it," the mother of the doughnut corner of the table said, her oversized Jesus-Cross pounding the side of her cheeks as she scarfed what I still hope was a doughnut, but on glimpsing it certainly looked like a hand to me.

"Yes, it is a shame," a more meek specimen agreed.

Being the liberal idealist I am, I had to interject.   What about that gun killing in another school this morning.   Maybe we should out-law guns instead of marijuana."

Yeah, you guest where the conversation went from there about their god-given right to bare arms.   "God made guns for us to protect our families with... Satan made pot."

Yes, this is the world I live in on this January 24th, 2018 of our lord. 

Dr TV Boogie

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