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Wonder why your kid has that rash on her legs?   Used a Costco shopping cart lately?

No crap sports fans, these are actual photos of a meat delivery made in San Jose California according to News 9 in the city of which shares that same name?

On a brighter note, McDonald swears that they have stopped adding the pink mystery additive to their meat -- so they say.   It is still a fact that the alien looking candy additive was used up till 2012.    Feel like barfing yet remembering all those big macks?

Finally, I gave up meat years ago when I worked at a fast-food burger joint (the one that sells mine burgers with fried onions) and the company decided to hold an eating contest and reward the winner a $500 check for the individual who could eat the most.   The contest was a real barf fest with the top contestants having to have their stomachs pumped.

I attempted to eat meat still a few years until I toured a Texas meat slaughterhouse and saw how they attempted to knock the cows out with a v…

All the world is a stage.

All the world is a stage.

Teen killed in Kentucky school shooting called mother as she died

Staying with yesterday's blog about pot-gummy bears and school shootings.   In today's news feed I saw this headline:
Teen killed in Kentucky school shooting called mother as she died Obviously, this speaks for itself.  What if this were your daughter?   As with most conservatives, you would probably become a little more liberal that day, wouldn't you?  All I'm saying is give a shit about something more than your needs for once, join the human race, stop this gun-violence epidemic by at least talking about it?   Leagalizing gummy-bears would probably be a good start. Here is a photo of the teen who was murdered by a kid with a gun: Let's see what average American's is doing about this problem:

school killings, gummy bears, and satan

Some things are disgusting I tell you, especially to those of us who meditate.

Take this, for instance; I'm at a conservative meeting in Dallas Texas and go for a cup of coffee.  The talk around the pot is how disgusted these specimens were in the news of the young girl and took grandpa's Gummy Bears to school, only to find out that they were laced with marijuana.

"That's why we don't need to legalize it," the mother of the doughnut corner of the table said, her oversized Jesus-Cross pounding the side of her cheeks as she scarfed what I still hope was a doughnut, but on glimpsing it certainly looked like a hand to me.

"Yes, it is a shame," a more meek specimen agreed.

Being the liberal idealist I am, I had to interject.   What about that gun killing in another school this morning.   Maybe we should out-law guns instead of marijuana."

Yeah, you guest where the conversation went from there about their god-given right to bare arms.   "God made…

1984 and January 19th: Children of the Sun.

The 19th card of the Major Arcana, The Sun, can be considered the most favorable of all the Major Arcana cards; it symbolizes knowledge, vitality and good fortune, and promises esteem and reward.  The Sun posits attributes of clarity, harmony in relationship  and fine reputation; it does, however, also indicate negative qualities of pride, vanity and pretentiousness.


Oh what a glorious day it was indeed on this day in the wonderful year of our lord: 1984.   Yes, the year the world had been waiting for to see if George Orwell's famous prediction from his book by the same name, was true.  In Orwell's book, history was rewritten daily to keep people believing in everything and nothing at the same time.   Peace was War, Love was Hate, and Justice, well, unjust obviously.  

I had just turned 20 that year and looked for the signs everywhere.   Ronald Reagan was president and there were signs.  For one…
Two teenage boys, struggling to make their way back to shore, were saved by a drone in Australia on Wednesday, in what officials say is a first-of-its-kind rescue mission by an unmanned aircraft — one captured by the drone's camera and later broadcast by Arab News and other outlets.
With this  morning’s meditation, I had a vision of rough water.  not sure what it means. Will check world news for an answer. It seemed bigger than me.
                                                         Dr tvboogie

The problem with Artificial Intelligence