Merry Chrissss-uhg-mas for the last time!

So, Donald Trump says people are saying "Merry Christmas" again because of him.  Hmmm....  I for one have always used it, not in the RELIGIOUS sense, but in the John Lennon "peace on earth: stop the war" sense.  You know, the Charles Dickens "don't be a fucking scrooge" sense.  Now, however, it's like the Nazi salute, if you don't say it you'll be flagged as an enemy of the state/church and god knows what happened to those liberals back in Hitler's time (research Night of the Long Knives, that was basically the left-wing of the political thought in Germany at the time who were murdered).

So, as long as Trump is president and taking credit for something I do naturally -- and because I know his egocentric Hitler mind will hate me for doing so, I won't say Merry Christmas as long as he is president. 

Since Xmas to Trump means something to do with the the early nineteen century in the US when the whole Christmas equals Jesus Birth myth began (the same time "In God We Trust" was put on the dollar), I've decided to make my Christmas more of a "present" meditation and so from now on will say, Happy Namaste instead.

It definitely has a happy ring to it....   ommmmmmmmm.

Happy Namaste!

Happy Namaste....

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