Donald Trumps Tax Cut and the Illuma-snobby.

You know how I hate to be political, but sometimes I must.

A few days ago, our predator-capitalistic government -- which is mostly Republican for the time being, not that it matters -- has approved another tax cut for the rich.   Yes, the top  5 percent or so of the pyramid.

This is done under the guise that the wealthy will do something other with their profits than get richer.  Tho old-Reaganomics sleight of hand  trick to keep you on opioids

That's right, just like the Ronald Reagan and GW Bush tax cuts of the past, the Trump tax cut will do no more than fatten the waistline of Donald Trump and has as much chance of improving the average Joe/Jane's life as...  well, the Detroit Lions have winning the Super Bowl in this millennium; Hilary Clinton admitting a mistake, or Donald Trump ceasing to tweet us in the middle of the night about his erection.

Don't believe me? Here's what the experts are saying:  Warning: This is a NY Times link and I LIKED IT. 

Finally, as you can see in my awe-inspiring GIF,  the top 1 percent will benefit because they always do, then another 5 percent (the illuma-snobby: wealthy peeps who say they earned their fortune by being born wealthy, i.e. George Bush, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, etc.... this group also includes second and third generation actors who can't act, but were fortunate enough to have the family name: Nicholas Gage and a list of Baldwins to name a few.  Then of course this illuma-snobby include other people who don't really add value to the planet waiting on their parents to die to cash in on that cow while staying occupied dinning at nice restaurants or sitting front court at a Golden State Warriors game feeling good about themselves because they voted for Bernie Sanders and haven't used the N word since college) will benefit from the tax cut.   The other 94 percent of us, will get blamed for the increased deficit.

It really is that simple.

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