So the timeline is drawn and there is no doubt Donald Trump is a pawn of Russia.   His son, Don Jr. met with a Russian who fed him the Wikileaks/Hilary Clinton emails story, and there, shortly afterwards, the emails were released.   No one can doubt this now.  

Here's a most-important question:  what kind of person would allow himself to be used by Russia? 

Answer:  an ignorant, arrogant, womanizing, spoiled Child Man who has never been told:  "NO!"

Yes, Sir Donald Tic-Tac Trump.  

Now here is the real screw to the America:  the Republican Party.   They are still supporting this guy while he destroys our country.   Just look how stupid Trump looked at the G20 meeting.   No one really talked to him, they shunned him away like a pest-fly that wouldn't go away. 

So the Angry-White Men who have been preaching less-Government, No United Nations, America First since Nuclear Gingrich first came on the America Flag with a Government Shut Down while he worshiped at the Crispy Creme doughnut store, will finally see how wrong they are.   And when this is over, finding someone to admit they were a Republican during this time will be like finding a Nazi in Germany after WWII.    Problem is, we the people of humble means will have to clean up another Bad-Republican problem like Hoover's Great Depression, Ronald Reagan's S&L bailout, George Bush Jr., unfunded war debt.   

The facts are in:  to be a Republican under Donald Trump is an Un-American Activity. 

One more thing, when I was a young-man bitching about Reagan, my Grand Father told me, "Don't like him, learn Russian."   The shoes on the other-foot today, "Do like him, learn Russian."

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