They let me start having visitors again today.  

But no one came.

What's the sense in telling me this?

Are they trying to make me crazy?


I can tell by the scent of morning that nothing has changed.

I wonder if I'll be allowed visitors again tomorrow?

Show Your Tax Returns Dick Head

So Donald Trump made a living out of calling for, then, President Obama to show his birth certificate to prove our first black president was truly an American.  This movement became known as The Birther Movement.  The press covered it and some pundits even said it was the Birther Movement that gave Donald Trump a platform to run for president on. 

My questions to you:  why isn't anyone asking to see Donald Trump's Tax Returns?   What's in them he doesn't want us to see?   Russian investment?   Probably.  Who doubts that.  

So, I'm suggesting that we begin a Taxer Movement and begin dogging Donald Trump to supply proof he's a true American.   

Go Taxers!

So the timeline is drawn and there is no doubt Donald Trump is a pawn of Russia.   His son, Don Jr. met with a Russian who fed him the Wikileaks/Hilary Clinton emails story, and there, shortly afterwards, the emails were released.   No one can doubt this now.  

Here's a most-important question:  what kind of person would allow himself to be used by Russia? 

Answer:  an ignorant, arrogant, womanizing, spoiled Child Man who has never been told:  "NO!"

Yes, Sir Donald Tic-Tac Trump.  

Now here is the real screw to the America:  the Republican Party.   They are still supporting this guy while he destroys our country.   Just look how stupid Trump looked at the G20 meeting.   No one really talked to him, they shunned him away like a pest-fly that wouldn't go away. 

So the Angry-White Men who have been preaching less-Government, No United Nations, America First since Nuclear Gingrich first came on the America Flag with a Government Shut Down while he worshiped at the Crispy Creme doughnut store, will finally see how wrong they are.   And when this is over, finding someone to admit they were a Republican during this time will be like finding a Nazi in Germany after WWII.    Problem is, we the people of humble means will have to clean up another Bad-Republican problem like Hoover's Great Depression, Ronald Reagan's S&L bailout, George Bush Jr., unfunded war debt.   

The facts are in:  to be a Republican under Donald Trump is an Un-American Activity. 

One more thing, when I was a young-man bitching about Reagan, my Grand Father told me, "Don't like him, learn Russian."   The shoes on the other-foot today, "Do like him, learn Russian."

So Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

finally meet, face-to-face, chest-to-chest.  

Both men sitting on their chairs as if they were taking a shit on the rest of us:

One, Putin, dictator, self-appointed King, ex KGB.

The other, Donald Trump, silver-lining boy who has been

given everything a man could want, in place of a heart, brain,

and courage.

And I know that somewhere over the rainbow, truth lies in the void

waiting to pour justice on these two men of angst.

Instant karma, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

Fuck, I'm sounding like a killer.

No, wooow, not me.  I'm a peace-loving Christopher Walken type.

Don't even own a gun,

Just a soul, brain, and heart.

No courage here though,

So both of the maggots will live on

And the truth is coming,

coming sooner than you think,

for liberals can only be held in check for so long

before we demand more.

Where is the more?

Where is the justice?

Where is Charles Julius Guiteau when you need him?

I want neither men to die,

I only wish them love.

Yes, beautiful, love.

Choke on that you commie-Republican bastards!

Fortunately for you, you have all the guns,

No truth

No heart

No brains,

Only guns and closed-minded, hypocritical love for Your Guy

no-matter who in the fuck he is.

And, somewhere over the rainbow...

Yet, somewhere over the rainbow...

Yes, somewhere over the rainbow....

timing the Trump thing

the world has gotten meaner overnight

is it really diminishing resources?

everyone, no matter who you are,

knows Donald Trump is a lunatic,

but yet we do nothing.

I saw an old-lady the other day,

she was using a walker to step up to the dumpster

to toss in an empty bottle of wine.

It must have been the high point of her morning:

to get out of the house and do something

it took her twenty minutes to get back to her front door

I timed it

The notion crossed my mind that this is what we are

doing with Donald Trump.

We are watching him amuse himself because

it is all he has left to do,

aren't we better than that?

Where is the outrage?

I'm timing that too.  

Nothing to see here folks, the Rapture has happened.  We've moved stuff to Patron. That's okay isn't? ...