Tax Cuts: Bad!

So it's time to get a little political, me?... No. 

But yes.

So I read today that Walmart and Amazon's acceptance of Food Stamps is the sign of the death of the Middle Class. 

No shit.  We all know that.  Here's something most young people don't know:  it started with Ronald Reagan, was solidified by George W. Bush, and will be completed through Donald Trump with his Tax Cuts. 

That's right you greedy ole' fortunate ones.   Just look at the debt graph below, it's cool-aide for the rich!   Every time there has been a tax cut, the debt goes up.   It's their plan, "Destroy The Beast of Government Spending."   Problem is, we are the ones going down with the beast.  Those tax-cuts they've used to enrich their lives has never done anything for the economy nor will it. 

Stop buying the bullshit.   Expect more.   Vote, VOTE, VOTE. 

Remember:  For every election you don't vote, an idiot gets elected.

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