Shaken rudely by the uncompromising fact, I had suddenly 
found myself confronted by a thing I had never before faced on my own
innermost, unmitigated, and unbedecked self. I saw all the garbs of
pretense and egoism that I had worn now turn to rags of folly. 
 For the thousandth time I remarshalled in my mind the events of 
those last few days before the tide had so suddenly turned. 
 For two days I waited, impatient, for a word, a text, a smile. I waited until night but her response did not come. 
My large pride was hurt and vanity kept me from 
writing her to ask "why the silence?"
  With womanly swiftness she took her cue from my manner, and turned to snow and ice. 
Thus, and wider from this on, we now drift apart. Where was my fault? Who had been to blame? Humbled now, I seek the answer
amid the ruins of myself...

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