LIberals Have All Gone Crazy!!!

Have the liberals all gone nuts because of Trump? 

I'm serious, first, Kathy Griffin holds up a decapitated head of Donald Trump.   What!   I was with a friend when we first saw it and she said, "That's not so bad..."  until I asked her, "What if that was Obama's head?..."

What were you thinking Kathy?   I'm a funny guy too, and some things just aren't funny. 

Then, last night, Bill Maher drops the "N" word on his show as if he were a  black man or something.  Bill, your Girl Friends may be black, but you're not.   Stick to the privileged White Man shtick you've been blessed with.  

Shit, if this liberal-craziness continues, Bernie Sanders will soon end up with a gun in his hand and who knows who'll be at the end of it.  

I see you...

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