I got nowhere fast with her and it ended where it started, nowhere.

As we all must do when any relationship ends, I've sized up the situation and

came to the conclusion I just wasn't her type.

Maybe it was the psycho killer thing, I don't know.

Fa, fa, fa, fa-fa-fa

Better run, run, run away.

Qu'est-ce que c'est....

So I'm dating again and went out with one the other night

who would be okay, but the heart wasn't there.

I thought, I could date her to see what happens....

That's when I realized that's what happened in the last relationship:

I wanted her, and she wasn't sure.

And nothing can make a Scorpio more crazy than uncertainty.

So I bought a dog.

And not just any dog.

I bought the most fucked-up, out-of-control dog I could find in the pound:

"He has territory issues so can't be around other dogs," the animal keeper said. 

"That's the one for me," I said.

I named him after her.

Say something once, why say it again?

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