Yes, Donald Trump has reached a new low.   Tweeting about Mika Brzezinski -- the talking head on MSNBC "Morning Joe" talk show -- thusly:

Where are the self-righteous Republicans who complained that Bill Clinton was unfit to be president for getting a blow job while on duty!   Was that really so bad compared to a Pussy Grabbing, Woman Hating, Cyber Bully

"She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!" the president wrote.
"She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!" the president wrote.
"She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!" the president wrote.
"She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!" the president wrote.

Does anyone really know it?

I do, for I once choked on it.

I say, choked on it in a  loving way

like laughing so hard you cry,

is to tears.

And when love comes,

it's never as it has ever been before,

it's always uniquely new

Love never shows up in another's outfit

That's right,

loves a tricky son-of-a-bitch.

And if you're not careful,

you will choke on it.

No where to run now, not alone, just hide-and-seek justice

I don't really mind being alone

Or do I?

When I'm alone, I want someone

When I'm with someone, I  want alone

It's a form of communication with the self.

They must have opened a window on the far side of the building today.

I felt a light breeze. 

Last night I dreamed that I was running low on oil for my home furnace.

Fortunately summer just started.

I can coast on what I have.

It's time to move on with my life.

I wish someone would shut the door.

It's getting cold in here.

I got nowhere fast with her and it ended where it started, nowhere.

As we all must do when any relationship ends, I've sized up the situation and

came to the conclusion I just wasn't her type.

Maybe it was the psycho killer thing, I don't know.

Fa, fa, fa, fa-fa-fa

Better run, run, run away.

Qu'est-ce que c'est....

So I'm dating again and went out with one the other night

who would be okay, but the heart wasn't there.

I thought, I could date her to see what happens....

That's when I realized that's what happened in the last relationship:

I wanted her, and she wasn't sure.

And nothing can make a Scorpio more crazy than uncertainty.

So I bought a dog.

And not just any dog.

I bought the most fucked-up, out-of-control dog I could find in the pound:

"He has territory issues so can't be around other dogs," the animal keeper said. 

"That's the one for me," I said.

I named him after her.

Say something once, why say it again?

 Shaken rudely by the uncompromising fact, I had suddenly 
found myself confronted by a thing I had never before faced on my own
innermost, unmitigated, and unbedecked self. I saw all the garbs of
pretense and egoism that I had worn now turn to rags of folly. 
 For the thousandth time I remarshalled in my mind the events of 
those last few days before the tide had so suddenly turned. 
 For two days I waited, impatient, for a word, a text, a smile. I waited until night but her response did not come. 
My large pride was hurt and vanity kept me from 
writing her to ask "why the silence?"
  With womanly swiftness she took her cue from my manner, and turned to snow and ice. 
Thus, and wider from this on, we now drift apart. Where was my fault? Who had been to blame? Humbled now, I seek the answer
amid the ruins of myself...

c'est tout

Poem from the heart to myself in a year from now.

Self, I'm here to tell you you will not think anything special

about this day a year from now.

In the grand scheme of things, this day will not even

register as good, bad, happy, or sad.

This day is nothing, a few beers and tears

for a woman who never gave you the time of day.

c'est tout

Buying a couch.

I drank with a friend tonight

and she asked me if i still had no couch

"Why would i have a couch if I have no cigarettes," I said

Making room for friends.

I've tried.

They come and go, and unless it was ever sexual...

They're just friends.

Someone said that, maybe I did.

For Sale:  7ft Baldwin Grand Piano:  $900.00

So I can make room for a couch.

Tax Cuts: Bad!

So it's time to get a little political, me?... No. 

But yes.

So I read today that Walmart and Amazon's acceptance of Food Stamps is the sign of the death of the Middle Class. 

No shit.  We all know that.  Here's something most young people don't know:  it started with Ronald Reagan, was solidified by George W. Bush, and will be completed through Donald Trump with his Tax Cuts. 

That's right you greedy ole' fortunate ones.   Just look at the debt graph below, it's cool-aide for the rich!   Every time there has been a tax cut, the debt goes up.   It's their plan, "Destroy The Beast of Government Spending."   Problem is, we are the ones going down with the beast.  Those tax-cuts they've used to enrich their lives has never done anything for the economy nor will it. 

Stop buying the bullshit.   Expect more.   Vote, VOTE, VOTE. 

Remember:  For every election you don't vote, an idiot gets elected.

Dying from fuck!

Who reads this shit, really. 

Have you nothing better to do?

But then, since we are all nothing more than

specs of dust floating through time and space,

what does any of it mean?

I'll tell you:  A good fuck. 

Yeah.   What else is there?

We are conceived by fuck, live for fuck, and eventually, die from fuck.  

"How does one die from fuck?"  you ask. 

Fuck if I know, we just do.

dead bird

I saw a dead bird in my driveway today.  

He looked frozen.  

I knew it meant something.

So I consulted my magic book of meanings.

And found it was no bad thing.

For it means the end of pain and suffering.

Indeed, a good thing.

Truth is a sad reality. 

When it finally comes to you after years of denial. 

I can't love. I'll never be able to love.

I see that now.

I've fucked up every relationship I've ever had

from my insecurities. 

Born under a bad sign, broken home, not wanted at birth.

How did I make it this far?

I'm mean and cruel. 

Why do I even try to love.

It's not for me.

It's for those others I see holding hands, trusting, sharing.

For me, to love, I must be bored.

And God, she never bored me once. 

LIberals Have All Gone Crazy!!!

Have the liberals all gone nuts because of Trump? 

I'm serious, first, Kathy Griffin holds up a decapitated head of Donald Trump.   What!   I was with a friend when we first saw it and she said, "That's not so bad..."  until I asked her, "What if that was Obama's head?..."

What were you thinking Kathy?   I'm a funny guy too, and some things just aren't funny. 

Then, last night, Bill Maher drops the "N" word on his show as if he were a  black man or something.  Bill, your Girl Friends may be black, but you're not.   Stick to the privileged White Man shtick you've been blessed with.  

Shit, if this liberal-craziness continues, Bernie Sanders will soon end up with a gun in his hand and who knows who'll be at the end of it.  

I see you...

Nothing to see here folks, the Rapture has happened.  We've moved stuff to Patron. That's okay isn't? ...