WTF Yahoo! WTF! It's the Raiders, not Rangers!!!

Hi, my name is Dr. TVBoogie and I still have a Yahoo account.

(ten-step program crowd moan heard in the background)

True that: I have a yahoo account still, it's my throwaway account -- or a possible reconnect with someone I dated in the 90's.  Okay, there's only one person from my Yahoo days I am remotely interested in reconnecting with and it won't happen:  she's on my Myspace account and her life isn't that interesting-- wow, did I say, "My Space, ha, I joke, I meant my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds."  Yes, she's out-of-my-league.

Getting back to Yahoo:  so I still have a Yahoo account for two reasons:  One, as a throwaway email account to sign up for boring-ass news letters from my insurance company and political party affiliations (will Nancy Pelosi ever stop writing me?) and Bible Verses -- what-the-hell, I have to see what the competition is up to!).   The second reason is the news feed.  Okay, it's a pain-in-the-ass, but if you don't click on anything labeled "sponsor," you're usually good.   I mean, the news is a fair representation of what is going on around us, and not too fascist based like some other news feeds (insert Fox, CNN, and NPR, yes, NPR you are a big-fat-ugly sellout by being fair-and-balance -- like Obama -- put on some goddamn gloves and give to us like it is:  it is bad, the fascist win, we lose!!!

Well, we all know about the big email fuck up by Yahoo last year where all our info was hacked.   Not a big deal for me, I never did any password banking stuff through Yahoo... well, there was that donation I made to the Communist Party in Chicago, that might get in the wrong hands and hurt me, but not anymore than admitting it here in this blog.

Okay, so, the news is now on my shitlist too.   Look at this screenprint and tell me what is wrong with it:


Yeah, right, "Rangers" not "Raiders."   Here's the link: in case they try to deny it.

Am I the only one paying attention here?

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