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WTF Yahoo! WTF! It's the Raiders, not Rangers!!!

Hi, my name is Dr. TVBoogie and I still have a Yahoo account.

(ten-step program crowd moan heard in the background)

True that: I have a yahoo account still, it's my throwaway account -- or a possible reconnect with someone I dated in the 90's.  Okay, there's only one person from my Yahoo days I am remotely interested in reconnecting with and it won't happen:  she's on my Myspace account and her life isn't that interesting-- wow, did I say, "My Space, ha, I joke, I meant my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds."  Yes, she's out-of-my-league.

Getting back to Yahoo:  so I still have a Yahoo account for two reasons:  One, as a throwaway email account to sign up for boring-ass news letters from my insurance company and political party affiliations (will Nancy Pelosi ever stop writing me?) and Bible Verses -- what-the-hell, I have to see what the competition is up to!).   The second reason is the news feed.  Okay, it's a pain-in-the-ass, but if you don…


HI FRIENDS, IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I'VE WRITTEN.   AND wHY Not.   It's all so f*&king crazy right now.   I'm not believing what I read daily.   One thing is for certain, the REPUBLICANS have their way and yes, we are going down in a flames, and as Stoney LaRue once SANG, "FROM THIS MOMENT ON NOTHING IS GOING TO BE THE SAME."

I'VE WONDERED WHY, NAY, I know why.   This is the government we want, one that doesn't expect shit from us.  The reason Donald Trump is president is simple: $300.00.  Yes, $300.00.  That is how much those without insurance had to pay out of their pocket for not having insurance.   Of course, that continued to go up and boy were those Free-LOading Republican saps pissed.   They didn't need f(*king insurance, and they certainly didn't intend to pay for it.  It was their right.  F*(k Off.

Pretty weird to think about, but the Republican's I know here in Dallas (and I'll tell you, I have a very large pool to draw f…
If this Donald Trump Saturday night/Sunday morning tweeting is scaring you, you have issues.

Regardless if you want to "Make America Great Again" or not, he has proven himself unfit to be trusted with your iPhone, let alone the presidency of the United States.

Here we go, starting Saturday at 5:35am:

 But he's not done yet, one more for good measure:
Question:  who is running the country while he is doing this?  

The Chicago Tribune says it best:

In a rule-of-law society, government allegations of criminal activity must be followed by proof and prosecution. If not, the government is ruling by innuendo.

Shadowy dictatorships can do that because there is no need for proof.  Democracies can't.

Trump tweets Obama tapped his phones: Either way we are f*&ked

So last night President Donald Tic Tac Trump tweeted that President Obama had Trumps office bugged with a wiretap last October.   Now, if it is true, that is f*&ked up, to say the least, and if it isn't?... it is even more f*&ked up than ever. 

Either way, we are very f*&Ked. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, why would Donald Trump tweet that unless he has something to hide...

Who is watching this guy!!!  Obviously he Sir Donald Tic Tac Trump is worried about whatever those conversations he had with Russia were a treat to him.

God, I've said it before, Donald Trumps birthday is June 14th, which also happens to be the same day that Benedict Arnold was hanged for treason, for having "secret communications" with Britain during our war of independence.   Yes, a traitor!   Is Donald Trump a traitor?

Well, that's not the only similarities between Trump and Benedict, both were egotistic businessmen born from a wealthy privileged class which allowed …