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Last Post:

I thought I would write something this morning, but then I read the news and said, f*(k it.

Never people has a group of people sucked so much.   Seriously.  Therefore, I've decided to check out, good bye cruel world.  This will be my last post.


Current Post

Yeah, the news today really sucks.   The last few protesters at the Dakota pipe line have been scattered to the wind.  Thousands of people are showing up at Town Hall Meetings to beg their Republican representatives to protect some form of "real" healthcare.  The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is fucking someone new other than the USA politic. And lastly, transgender students are left without a pot to piss in.

The good news:  You can buy Ivanka mercandise for cheap on Amazon.  They're giving the shit away!!!

Geeeze, I can't wait for the Next Post.

My Next Post:

To be continued....

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