Trump Will Add 16 Billion to the Democrats Deficit.

So, Donald Trump has been president for a week, and it was about this far into Obama's presidency that I heard Republicans blaming Obama for the huge budget deficit left by George Bush. 

So, I guess I should do the same, but I won't.

Let's see, the Federal Deficit today is 580 billion dollars.   That's where it starts.   The last Bush increased it by 4 billion.   Then, Obama added 8 billion.   Now we know Donald Trump has a bigger penis than both Bush and Obama combined, and so, will he add 16 billion?  What sucks, is the Republicans and their followers don't take any responsibility for this mess whatsoever.  Already, Donald Tic-Tac Trump is saying he is going to do the things Bush did: cut taxes for the top 1%, increase military spending, and build a billion-dollar war... I mean wall!!!

Yes, we are on the Titanic and the band is playing, A Closer Walk With Thee, and the Republicans will fuck us again and continue the lie that they are part of the solution, and you my dear citizen, will go without basic healthcare, clean water and air, safe bridges, safe public spaces, etc. because of it.  That's right, Mr. American Pie, you won't get shit from the Republicans but a prayer for breakfast.   So, when you look at your kids tonight, just remember, blaming this mess on the Democrats and not demanding better from your leaders, is shameful.   So continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and buying what they are selling.   It is easier to blame someone else for your failures than admitting them.   I do pray that you are one of the 1% who will survive this Financial Melt Down,  for the rest of us will be fine without you, sharing our few loafs of bread with each other will be easy for us.   And when you having to come out of your gated, White, community to join us, you'll deny you were ever a Republican much as the Nazi survives in Germany denied they supported Hitler after WWII.   And you know what we will do to you, don't you!   That's right, we will forgive you and share our last loaf of bread with you.   That's what Democrats do.

Look at the chart below, has a Republican or Democrat ever lowered the debt?     

No, and they won't.

It's not too late yet, but it soon will be.   The solution is to cut Everything and Increase Taxes on the people Trump wants to cut them for.  It's that simple.  Here is the pie chart showing the current breakdown.

So, cut Social Security, yes, but also cut Military Spending. 

The only problem the Republicans have is the Military cuts and tax increase on the 1%.

Well, it's coming, like it or not.   So, as the old saying goes, Pay Now or Pay Later, but we will have to pay.

So, Mr American Pie, you are good at blaming the Democrats, well, until you hold the Republicans accountable too, we're fucked and I'm tired of listening to you blame others for your idiotic representatives.

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