Pig Tie Texas Republican's Now!

So, up 'till now I haven't really given a shit one way or the other regarding the voter ID bill the Republicans are pushing in Texas.  (In case you don't know, the Supreme Court rejected it today.) And the fact that the Conservative High-Court rejected it blew my mind because I'm really expecting the Neo-Neo-Cons led by Donald Tic-Tac Trump to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want!  I mean, day one the mother fucker took away all of the environmental laws protecting our air and water.  Ouch.  Surely he knows corporations have no conscience about things like clean air and water?...  or... wait... does he.... hmmm?...

Anyway, getting back to the Texas Neo Dongs.  For years I've been hearing about an ID card being required here in Texas, and thought, what the fuck, sounds reasonable to me; I mean, you need one to buy a gun... oh, wait, not in Texas.   But you need one to drive a car (yes, even in Texas).  So, if it didn't bother this leftist Republican, then, I figured it surely wouldn't bother the Supreme Court.  But it did?  Why?  Well, check out the ID requirements that are allowed:

    Driver's license
    Concealed Handgun License
    Military ID Card
    U.S. Passport

Not Allowed:
    University ID Cards
    Identification cards issued to obtain welfare benefits

What a bunch of conniving, cheating, swinging dicks (as we said in the military).

They need to be arrested, pig tied, and shipped to a 3rd World Country where things like that are acceptable.  I'll buy the rope!

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