Matt McGloin thought he was on fire against the Broncos!

I have to talk a little football.  As you probably know, here at we are Oakland Raider's Football fans, all-the-way Baby!   Which brings me to last weeks terrible showing against the (holding my scrodom as I cough the name out) Denver Broncos.   More precisely, what is wrong with Matt McGloin.  He wasn't just terrible, he was joking... wasn't he?  or at least he had been possessed by a bad Bill Murry SNL sketch?  or worse, a reenactment of 's dislusional romp in the movie Talladega Nights  in his underwear thinking he is on fire!!!   Matt McGloin looked  comical out there one moment limping and then standing at attention looking over at the sidelines.   Sorry to say, but he really looked to be faking it after the first hit.   It wasn't a concussion look, neither,  it was a get-me-the-hell-out-of-here look.

Having said that, go raiders  ;(

yes, i'm using a sorry ass emoticon for this one.

I'm on fire!
Maybe if I don't look up they won't see me.

I'm open Matt!

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