Sometimes I Think Donald Trump Is Okay.

And then, sometimes I think Trump is, okay.

That's right, I'm really trying to give Sir Donald Trump a break and overlook all of his racist, sexist, and just plain stupid words-and-actions of the past.  For instance, when he was running for president and went to the black church in Flint Michigan where he was told to "stop it" by the woman minister when Sir Trump started dogging Hilary Clinton, Trump looked very human.  He actually made a few humble jesters in apology to her and stopped talking bad about Hilary Clinton.   It was a humble poster I'm certain a real White Supremacist like Jessie Helms or Andrew Anglin would not have been able to do.  Albeit, Trump is an arrogant, narcissistic, wealthy ass-whole, but he did bow down to a woman of authority in a way that I think helped him to win the election with other Blue-Collar  white males such as myself.

"Hold It Right There Boss!"
God, this must be how Oskar Schindler felt when he voted for Adolf Hitler.'s_List
Remember The Ghetto?

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