Michael's Is Gone

Okay, fuck.  Obviously with only a couple thousand people reading my daily stuff, I am using this for personal thoughts, so if you are offended, fuck you, why are you reading?  Obviously I'm a left thinker.  Go fuck yourself if you didn't know some of us were U.S Vets with medals.   You suck.

What I want to write about today is: Fuck, what is up with the news?  It suck!  Capital S. U. C. K. S.

Do I really have to spell it out for you?  Where do I start?  Famous people are dying by the hour, which, should not matter more than the average, I mean, they got famous so we see their numbers.  And to honest, I'm kind of tired of it.  Let them die alone.  I mean, no one is going to bother prices Leah, Eddy Van-halon, or Johnny Walker Red when I die, and nor should they.  It is just, there are like a hundred kids being killed in Aleppo, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., daily.  Yet, we seem to put more value in an aging actor or bad-ass rock-and-roller (David Bowie), only man this straight guy would fuck for the fuck of it (George Michael's -- unless he really did fuck Elton John, then you know, I'll stay straight), Air Crafts Crashing, football players breaking legs (Carr of the Raiders)...  I'll stop there.

The news is just bad -- and so is the spelling, sorry, I've had a few beers with some jolly old fellows from the south side. 

Damn, sorry, only venting.

Ok, everything is forgiven.  Carl Paladino doesn't wish President Obama dead and is sorry for the racist things he said about Michelle Obama. 

Seems he was only venting. 

What a guy!

Well, I hope Carl Paladino and Donald Trump both die with Ivanka's tough up their asses.  

Damn, sorry, I was only venting.  

The Raiders Are Back! And this guy is really happy about it.

I've been waiting for the right time to post my support for the Oakland Raiders.   It has been a long time coming, but they are back and boy am I happy.   Judging from last-week's Charger/Raiders game, I'm not the only one happy about it.

Go Raiders...  wtf... is he...  touching himself....

Sometimes I Think Donald Trump Is Okay.

And then, sometimes I think Trump is, okay.

That's right, I'm really trying to give Sir Donald Trump a break and overlook all of his racist, sexist, and just plain stupid words-and-actions of the past.  For instance, when he was running for president and went to the black church in Flint Michigan where he was told to "stop it" by the woman minister when Sir Trump started dogging Hilary Clinton, Trump looked very human.  He actually made a few humble jesters in apology to her and stopped talking bad about Hilary Clinton.   It was a humble poster I'm certain a real White Supremacist like Jessie Helms or Andrew Anglin would not have been able to do.  Albeit, Trump is an arrogant, narcissistic, wealthy ass-whole, but he did bow down to a woman of authority in a way that I think helped him to win the election with other Blue-Collar  white males such as myself.

"Hold It Right There Boss!"
God, this must be how Oskar Schindler felt when he voted for Adolf Hitler.

Remember The Ghetto?

Yes! I fear Donald Trump!

 For the first time in my life, I'm scared.  I was raised in the 70's and sometimes worried about a nuclear war with Russia, catching an incurable disease, or getting caught masturbating, but nothing like the fear I feel now.

Art Work that scared me when I was a kid. cir 1971

Elvis meets Nixon without me knowing. 
"Squeal Like a Pig" 70's fucked-up  movie.

I guess the fear I feel now is like a country person worrying  about their car breaking down in the inner-city and getting mugged, or a city person worrying about "sqealing like a pig" for some farm boy on a weekend camping trip.   Both sides fear the other.   And I guess that's how I fear Donald Trump.

I just wanted to say that while I still can.

Donald Trump is Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" and I for one have to take issue with that for I believe Time Magazine should change the title of this year's pick back to "Man of the Year" for Donald Trump.  I mean, from 1927 to 1999 each year Time Magazine used the title "Man of the Year" to describe such men as Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H1216-0500-002, Adolf Hitler (cropped).jpgAdolf HitlerRichard M. Nixon, ca. 1935 - 1982 - NARA - 530679.jpgRichard Nixon and عکسی از خمینی.JPGAyatollah Khomeini (before such things became silly to say in polite company); therefore, I say give The Donald his due: The Donald is not polite, he is rude, crude, unsympathetic to the needs of others, and very rich:  yes, a true Man.  So come on Time Magazine, call him what he is:  a Man, because to call him a person is very insulting to the rest of us who identify ourselves as such. 


Aquapedia background

Ralph M. Brody

Ralph M. Brody (1912-1981) served as Gov. Pat Brown’s special counsel on water issues and chief deputy director of the Department of Water Resources.
He was instrumental in ensuring passage of the State Water Project in 1960. He chaired the California Water Commission from 1960 -1966. From 1960 until his retirement in 1977, he was manager and chief counsel for Westlands Water District.

Here are his thoughts on the assassination of John F Kennedy sometime in 1963, shortly after it happened.  Interesting interview.

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