This is God's Country and boy are we pissed!

Like everyone else, I was a little numb after watching the 2016 presidential election returns this week.  I too had bought into the pundit's polls and was sure this past week would be a great week in the USA with our first woman president and the demise of the Mean Party.   Of course that didn't happen.  Instead, the Mean Party now controls everything and the future looks dim for the Nice Party.   All the progressive advances we have made in my lifetime are now under threat.   I heard one man say, "My Grandfather survived Jim Crow and so I guess I'll survive this."   Then, while getting my haircut my stylist told me she was from Jamaica and in the US on a Green Card and was worried.   She has a daughter.  "Was your daughter born here?" I asked.  "No," she said as she continued to clip away.   I truly felt scared for her as I thought about all the crazy shit Donald Trump said to get elected:  "build a wall..." "ban Muslims..." "repeal Obamacare..."  "bomb the fuck out-of-them..."  etc.  "You'll be okay," I tried reassuring her, "The majority of the people are against him." 

So, I had to do something.   And here is where it started:  Veterans Day 2016 in Dallas Texas.   I joined in the Donald Trump protest.   Now,  I've been to a few Dallas protest in my life such as the Bush war protest in 2002 and the Wall Street Corruption protest of 2009; and have to tell you that those protest were very lame: nothing more than a handful of Dallas Liberals clearing their conscience.  Not this one.  The Donald Trump protest was the largest I have ever been involved with in Dallas.   If I were Donald Trump, I would take noticed, this isn't Berkeley California or Ann Arbor Michigan.  This is God's country and boy are we ready to stand up to his hate policy.  

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