The White Nationalist Are Right About One Thing: it is tribal.

What I want to talk with you about today boys and girls, is the new movement in the USA called White Nationalism.  You may not know this, but it's not new.  Actually, it's as old as civilization itself.  Well, at least as old as when the first tribe of aggressive people, who were bigger, had more sticks, and looked very much like their incestuous father, decided they had more rights to a stream of water than the weaker, less aggressive tribe that was there,  and so, took it.

Of course, the less aggressive tribe had no choice but to move down the stream and gladly offered to do so to avoid a confrontation.   But then the more aggressive tribe believed their way of taking things from weaker tribes was smarter, more socially skilled, and much better for survival in a world of aggressive tribes, so they kept the woman and children of the non-aggressive tribe and sent the men on the way.

Yes, it's that simply, White Nationalist are the  remnants of these aggressive tribes and the people they are against, are the remnants of the less aggressive tribes.

For instance: When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, at the most conservative estimates, there were 10 million native citizens in what is now the USA. 10 million.  Some estimates are as high as 50 million, but for this point I'll stick with the more conservative figure of 10 million.  Of course, a lot of the natives were murdered by the aggressive "White" tribe, and so those numbers dwindled to a minority, and somewhere around 1830 the white population of the USA finally reached the 10 million that were here way before them.

You would think, somewhere in the back of their all-powerful white minds, they would think, man, what if someone did that to us?

Well, they do think that and this is why they are so affraid of today's multi cultural world.  They're afraid we are going to do to them like they have done to the weaker tribes before them.   What they don't get, is we're non aggressive, we will never do to them what they've done to us...

or will we!

Muooooaahhh,  multicultural man/woman is coming to get you.   

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