Jeff Sessions Hates Marijuana! Run!!!

So President Elect (The Donald) has solidified his Alt-Right Ways in picking probably one of the most racist men in the Senate to be his Attorney General: Jeff Sessions.  Yes, an Alabama Senator most widely known as the Senator Ronald Reagan had appointed to federal judgeship but the senate wouldn't confirm him because he was a pig.   More precisely (has written in US Today):

     There were allegations that Sessions called a black attorney in his office ''boy''; that he said the Ku Klux Klan was acceptable until he found out some of its members smoked pot; and that he described some prominent civil rights organizations as ''un-American.'' ''I deny as strongly as I can express it that I am insensitive to the concerns of blacks," Sessions said at the end of four days of testimony, but it was not enough and his nomination was rejected.

What scares me the most, even more than calling a Black Man a boy in the 80's (what the fuck, the 80's!!!  Hello!!!), is his stance on marijuana. If he didn't support it for his own kind, then he sure the hell doesn't care for it for the rest of us.  And The Donald was quoted somewhere as saying he believed it was up to the states.  Of course, all Republicans say that until it has to do with a woman's body or a people's drug Big Pharma is totally against.

Yes, as I said a few weeks ago, it is the Pot Vote Stupid.   And boy did we get bitch slapped there.   The Donald is going to set us back at least ten years.

I'm off to meditate and then medicate.


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