It's the Marijuana vote stupid.

Melania Trump Nude
It's the day before the 2016 presidential election and I, for one, have decided to stay stoned until it is over.  That's right, I'm puffing until it's over.  I mean, first, I just had to watch a baseball World Series with two teams I care nothing about and so only watched to have the enjoyment at the end of seeing one of the teams lose.   That's right, to see one of the teams go down in agony.   Much like I will watch the presidential returns tomorrow to see if we have elected our first Woman President, or our first Trophy Wife First Lady.   Either way, it will to be a huge day for woman.   Okay, the truth is, I'll be watching the marijuana vote.  Yes, that thing no-one is talking about.   Did you know that Voters in nine states will decide whether to pass marijuana-related measures on Election Day?   That's right, Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas—will be voting on medical marijuana measures that either expand or establish the availability of cannabis for patients. Five others—California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine—will be voting on whether to allow adults 21 and older to consume cannabis recreationally.

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