Okay, so I thought I would write this before the stock market opens and I lose my retirement fund to another Republican (9-11 my stock dwindled) as well as my healthcare this time.

In a way, I'm glad.  I mean, I really wasn't looking forward to seeing the Republicans hang every woe in the world on Hilary Clinton.   And so, as much of my adult life, the Republicans are running everything and somehow will fuck it up and another Democrat will have to clean it up. 

I hope you're happy America Alt Right (AAR, AAR, AARF!) Fuckers!

I'm posting more nude pictures of our first Trophy Wife First Lady:

Trumps wall in a 1958 tv series? Tell me it isn't so.

In 1958 this tv series seems to have had a premonition about a man named "Trump" who wanted to build a wall.  Stranger Than Fict...