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Why Donald Trump Really Wants To Build A Wall. It's so obvious.

So, we all know Donald Trumps wants to build a wall, but do you really know why?  I do. 

The White Nationalist Are Right About One Thing: it is tribal.

What I want to talk with you about today boys and girls, is the new movement in the USA called White Nationalism.  You may not know this, but it's not new.  Actually, it's as old as civilization itself.  Well, at least as old as when the first tribe of aggressive people, who were bigger, had more sticks, and looked very much like their incestuous father, decided they had more rights to a stream of water than the weaker, less aggressive tribe that was there,  and so, took it.

Of course, the less aggressive tribe had no choice but to move down the stream and gladly offered to do so to avoid a confrontation.   But then the more aggressive tribe believed their way of taking things from weaker tribes was smarter, more socially skilled, and much better for survival in a world of aggressive tribes, so they kept the woman and children of the non-aggressive tribe and sent the men on the way.

Yes, it's that simply, White Nationalist are the  remnants of these aggressive tribes an…

Jeff Sessions Hates Marijuana! Run!!!

So President Elect (The Donald) has solidified his Alt-Right Ways in picking probably one of the most racist men in the Senate to be his Attorney General: Jeff Sessions.  Yes, an Alabama Senator most widely known as the Senator Ronald Reagan had appointed to federal judgeship but the senate wouldn't confirm him because he was a pig.   More precisely (has written in US Today):

There were allegations that Sessions called a black attorney in his office ''boy''; that he said the Ku Klux Klan was acceptable until he found out some of its members smoked pot; and that he described some prominent civil rights organizations as ''un-American.'' ''I deny as strongly as I can express it that I am insensitive to the concerns of blacks," Sessions said at the end of four days of testimony, but it was not enough and his nomination was rejected.

What scares me the most, even more than calling a Black Man a boy in the 80's (what the fuck, the 80…

Are we building a modern day Noah's Ark for the Alt Right?

Are we building a modern day Noah's Ark? And if so, by and who for?

On May 20, 2015, the US military launched the unmanned X-37B plane and it has been circling the Earth on a top-secret mission with no details on when it'll come back to land. This isn't the first time we've launched such a flight according to, there was a mission in 2011 which spent 468 days orbiting the earth.  Then there was another mission that spent 675 days in orbit without so much as a hint to its purpose.  Each mission appears to get longer and longer. 

Why would we want to orbit in space above the earth for years?  One reason of course is space travel.  You know, the two years or so it would take to get to Mars.  And if this is truly the reason, more power to them; however, there is another possibility.  And you won't like it.

The first possibility for long-term flight above the Earth might be to protect the human race from a natural disaster such as an asteroid hea…

This is God's Country and boy are we pissed!

Like everyone else, I was a little numb after watching the 2016 presidential election returns this week.  I too had bought into the pundit's polls and was sure this past week would be a great week in the USA with our first woman president and the demise of the Mean Party.   Of course that didn't happen.  Instead, the Mean Party now controls everything and the future looks dim for the Nice Party.   All the progressive advances we have made in my lifetime are now under threat.   I heard one man say, "My Grandfather survived Jim Crow and so I guess I'll survive this."   Then, while getting my haircut my stylist told me she was from Jamaica and in the US on a Green Card and was worried.   She has a daughter.  "Was your daughter born here?" I asked.  "No," she said as she continued to clip away.   I truly felt scared for her as I thought about all the crazy shit Donald Trump said to get elected:  "build a wall..." "ban Muslims...&quo…


Okay, so I thought I would write this before the stock market opens and I lose my retirement fund to another Republican (9-11 my stock dwindled) as well as my healthcare this time.

In a way, I'm glad.  I mean, I really wasn't looking forward to seeing the Republicans hang every woe in the world on Hilary Clinton.   And so, as much of my adult life, the Republicans are running everything and somehow will fuck it up and another Democrat will have to clean it up. 

I hope you're happy America Alt Right (AAR, AAR, AARF!) Fuckers!

I'm posting more nude pictures of our first Trophy Wife First Lady:

It's the Marijuana vote stupid.

It's the day before the 2016 presidential election and I, for one, have decided to stay stoned until it is over.  That's right, I'm puffing until it's over.  I mean, first, I just had to watch a baseball World Series with two teams I care nothing about and so only watched to have the enjoyment at the end of seeing one of the teams lose.   That's right, to see one of the teams go down in agony.   Much like I will watch the presidential returns tomorrow to see if we have elected our first Woman President, or our first Trophy Wife First Lady.   Either way, it will to be a huge day for woman.   Okay, the truth is, I'll be watching the marijuana vote.  Yes, that thing no-one is talking about.   Did you know that Voters in nine states will decide whether to pass marijuana-related measures on Election Day?   That's right, Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas—will be voting on medical marijuana measures that either expand or establish the availability of c…