New MacBook Pro: great! Safari is still a Nazi Search Engine.

 Ah, a breath of fresh air in this election year.  Apple has just put out its long-awaited new MacBook Pro.  Looks pretty cool with a new "touch" pad, breezy i7 chip, and anorexic design (sorry Eugenia Cooney).  Of course the famous wtf pricing between $1500 and $2800.   Still, what other choice do we have?   Windows is still in the informational dark ages in comparison.  

On another note, has anyone else noticed how Apple's search engine has finally surpassed Microsoft Explorer in policing your internet experience?  No shit, they are probably worse now: they track you and then don't allow you to grab text without their infamous "fuck you" box capture filled with all-kinds of metadata.  So it looks like another year of cryptic "Firefox."  
God help us all if Donald Trump gets elected. 
What, where did that come from.

Trumps wall in a 1958 tv series? Tell me it isn't so.

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