Donald Trump is a Punk and the Red Neck Vote will soon be looting.

So the political race is closing in on the finish line and boy is Donald Trump a punk.  Not only is he sure to lose the race, he is setting off smoke bombs so the fan's in the stands can't see his fat ass crawl across the finish line way behind Ms. Hilary Clinton.

Yes, Donald Trump is saying the election is rigged which is sure to fire up the 30 percent of Americans who believe wrestling is real and Fox News is news.   Yes, the Bubba Vote: trailer Home dwellers who blame their toothless smiles not on bad hygiene, but Obamacare.

The fact is, this is the Bubba Vote's last hurrah.   After this election they will have no Republican Party to pledge their Hate Vote to.  After this election the NeoCons will finally be exposed and a more inclusive MODERATE Republican party will finally start rebuilding.   Yes, the moderate Republican party of Dwight Eisenhoser who pissed the Republican's of the day off by sending in troops to Little Rock Arkansas to allow minority students the right to go to their school of choice; the upper East Side Manhattan Republican party that doesn't care about abortion, Jesus, or who Bill Clinton has fucked.  The Republican party that believes in Social Security, a good environment, and woman rights along with less government, free trade, balanced budget, term limits, and the right to bare arms not sub-machine guns.

And when this happens, the Bubba Vote will go crazy.  We've already seen it with the recent bombing of a Republican Office in North Carolina with the words  “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”   Now, it is obviously a diversion by some Right Wing Nut trying to make us believe the liberals have fired the first shot and so now they can go on blowing-up abortion clinics and shooting at Hilary Clinton as Donald Trump has requested.  I don't know about you, but I for one see a crazy similarity to the 60's murders by the Charles Manson Family and their painting Helter Skelter in blood on the walls of their murdered victims to these Trump Nazis writing the poorly worded phrase "Nazi Republicans leave town or else" on their murder attempt.  Yes, the Mason Family who the liberals got blamed for when in truth, Charles Mason was a White Supremest Nazi wanting to rule the world.  

Okay, so you get my point:  the Angry White Vote is losing it's power and once Donald Trump loses they will probably go crazy and start looting.  And, you think the Blacks looted in Detroit after the riots and New Orleans after the hurricane, you ain't seen shit until a truck load of Red Necks pull out their weapons of mad destruction and start looting lives.   

Will someone please shut-the-fuck up Donald Trump.  He's a punk. 

Dr TV Boogie

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