At least the F.B.I aren't using the assassination option this time.

There's little doubt that the F.B.I at least covered-up the JFK assassination if were not directly involved.  And it's no doubt that whoever killed Kennedy (C.I.A, F.B.I, Texas Oil, John Birch, etc.), they did it believing what they were doing was best for the U.S.A because Kennedy was a "Communistic," "Catholic," "Liberal" -- all used to describe him in the John Birch Society posters hung around Dallas that terrible day (yes, the Birch society brought to you by the Koch Brothers pa).

So, I see why today's F.B.I crossdresser (do I really need to point out the relevance here, that 
(Closet crossdresser (not that there's anything wrong with it if you're, well, not arresting other crossdressers).
Hoover was a closet cross-

FBI Director James Comey is justifying his assassination attempt on the possible election of our first Woman President...

And the guys name is pronounced "Cum-y."

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