Trump: The Conservative Quack

Okay, you've seen the Democrats gleeing with joy after kicking the shit out of Donald Trump in last night's televised debate between Hilary Clinton and The Donald.  And she certainly did: I mean, The Donald did everything he could to look stupid, but quack -- get it, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, quack, quack...  I didn't think so.

Donald Trump is obviously a student of Conservative Talk Radio and believes the untruths pushed by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glen Beck.  The Hate Radio they have been spewing for years.   This is why The Donald thinks mentioning Bill Clintons extramarital relationship with Gennifer Flowers is all he needs to do to convince the US voters to vote for him.  It is also why The Donald says stupid shit about invading Korea and Iran while leaving the United Nations.  It is the daily vomit of Conservative Talk Radio from the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity -- and Fox News -- and something even the most conservative of conservatives, i.e., George Bush, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, don't  believe.   All bullshit to deflect the the average citizen from the facts that Conservative Values such as tax-cut for the rich, private schools for the white, and gated communities for those who pray to the right god, are a good thing, while higher education, free health care, and fair wages are a bad thing.

The final proof is The Donald is still telling us that Tax Cuts work.   Fuck that, we all know they don't.  Under Ronald Reagan they increased are debt more than every Democrat combined ever had, and George Bush, not only unbalanced a balanced budget handed over to him by Bill Clinton, unbalanced with tax-cuts, but gave us our second Great Depression.

It's time we called a Duck a Duck, regardless if he quacks or not.

Dr TV Boogie

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