AT&T Sucks, they are... not so bad(?)

So football season is here and AT&T got me with their $50 football package.   They also hooked me with the $200.00 Visa card they screwed me out of last time because I didn't go online and request it.  Yeah, right.  It is obvious, most people let shit like that slide through the crack and so AT&T earns more money.  Being a business graduate myself, I know there is some fucked-up MBA graduate from the 80's who is doing this.  I can hear him/her now:  we offer it but then make them have to work their butts off for it, most people won't even notice.   It's a great plan.

Well, it's not a "great plan" fuck head.  And you and your MBA can burn in hell!!!

Sorry, I had to clear my throat.

This time I was careful.  I read every fucking word they sent me, twice.   I went online and requested my visa card (wasn't really that hard, still, why didn't they just send it!).  And, the guy I had talked with when I ordered was a US citizen.  Now, I'm not prejudice at all, but customer service should be given in the America's by Americans (North, South, Central, etc.) not a call center in Dubai.   They might as well use the AT&T robot voices instead, not much difference really, and actually, are more personable than a Grandi monotone voice when you are trying to get a fucking refund -- sorry my Asian friends, we can put the routers and better paying IT stuff over there, just not the people stuff, it's frustrating.   Please understand.

So, I watched the first week of footage and was ecstatic, The Raiders Won, Cowboys lost, and everyone stood up for the national anthem.  I was happy.  But then, yes, this morning I realized I missed a midnight email I got Saturday night from DirectTV thanking me for purchasing the DirectTV Protection Plan:

 Yes, AT&T did in to me again.  I read the print and it said I had 30 days to cancel something I never asked for nor was told about.   Another MBA trick.  Bastards.

So I called and went through the five-minute hold before I got a representative named Daniel. He was nice, professional, and spoke good English... unfortunately, I was sure he would transfer me to Dubai or give me a correct 800 number to call.  Guess what, he didn't.  He took it off and gave me a $50 credit.

Something fishy.  I'm on to you AT&T.   What's the catch?  What have I missed?...

Dare I say, I'm happy with my service so far.


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