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Trump: The Conservative Quack

Okay, you've seen the Democrats gleeing with joy after kicking the shit out of Donald Trump in last night's televised debate between Hilary Clinton and The Donald.  And she certainly did: I mean, The Donald did everything he could to look stupid, but quack -- get it, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, quack, quack...  I didn't think so.

Donald Trump is obviously a student of Conservative Talk Radio and believes the untruths pushed by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glen Beck.  The Hate Radio they have been spewing for years.   This is why The Donald thinks mentioning Bill Clintons extramarital relationship with Gennifer Flowers is all he needs to do to convince the US voters to vote for him.  It is also why The Donald says stupid shit about invading Korea and Iran while leaving the United Nations.  It is the daily vomit of Conservative Talk Radio from the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity -- and Fox News -- and something even the most conservative of conservatives, i.e., George Bus…

George Bush does care about black people.

Yes, it is a beautiful day,
Obama opens African-American museum in Washington DC

But the bigger news is that George Bush does care about black people:

So Kanye West was wrong when he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people. 

Yes, we knew it all along, George Bush is just a nice guy who laughs and plays the guitar while thousand of people die in his wars, is that so bad.

Keep the records straight:  George Bush played guitar while New Orleans flooded.

George Bush was a draft dodger who sent thousands of people to their graves for his War of Choice.

I hope Michelle washes her hands.

Dr. TVBoogie

AT&T Trying to Kill me (?)

So my AT&T saga continues.  TODAY THEY SENT ME A COUPON FOR A FREE GALAXY PHONE.  So I thought it was a good thing, but then I read the recall news:  Galaxy Phone Recall.

Samsung has announced a recall of the Note 7 along with a halting of sales after concerns of faulty components causing battery explosions.

Battery Explosion.  Hmmm, a fucking grenade.  


AT&T Sucks, they are... not so bad(?)

So football season is here and AT&T got me with their $50 football package.   They also hooked me with the $200.00 Visa card they screwed me out of last time because I didn't go online and request it.  Yeah, right.  It is obvious, most people let shit like that slide through the crack and so AT&T earns more money.  Being a business graduate myself, I know there is some fucked-up MBA graduate from the 80's who is doing this.  I can hear him/her now:  we offer it but then make them have to work their butts off for it, most people won't even notice.   It's a great plan.

Well, it's not a "great plan" fuck head.  And you and your MBA can burn in hell!!!

Sorry, I had to clear my throat.

This time I was careful.  I read every fucking word they sent me, twice.   I went online and requested my visa card (wasn't really that hard, still, why didn't they just send it!).  And, the guy I had talked with when I ordered was a US citizen.  Now, I'm no…

Who Needs North Korea When We Got The Republican Party.

Who Needs North Korea When We Got The Republican Party.

That's right.  Seems North Korea wants to do everything they can to destroy the U.S..   They want to drop bombs on us, hack our emails, destroy our economy; yes, basically shut down our government.

Well, judging from the activity of the Republican Party since returning from their summer break, they to too.  Check it out:  they want to imprecate the IRS on mysterious charges and have boasted that they will vote for impeachment of Hilary Clinton if she is elected president.

So, now we see how Donald Trump made it to the top.  There's no doubt he's a Russian sympathizer who wants the same kind of control in the U.S. has Vladimir Putin has in his triumphant campaign to make Russia the Soviet Union again.

It's a mess folks and if you are still voting Republican you should be arrested for unAmerican activities.  

Dr. TVBoogie Rides Again!!!