You're Fired Donald Trump

Yes, the fun-and-games with Donald Trump are about over and what a sucker he has been.  He thought he was so slick, that he could bullshit his way into the presidential White House.  Oh, we had fun with him, that's for sure.  And when I say "we," I mean the people wanting to be entertained.  I'll admit I was one.   I even blogged how I might vote for him, once, but I knew I wouldn't.  Like we all did.  We have enjoyed watching him clap his hands and flip on stage for us, but we are getting tired of it.  The reality of a Trump presidency is and has always been a joke.  Yes, Mr. Trump, we played with you and, well, you are fired for being an idiot.  Next contestant please.

Yes, he who laughs last laughs hardest.  And the deceiver has been deceived by the very public he thought he was deceiving.

Such an idiot.

Dr TVBoogie

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