I make fun of everything I can, from Donald Trumps stupid bid to rule the world to the way George W Bush did rule the world.  Yes, there is humor in most things, but not this photo:

I mean, I guess I could say something sarcastic like, someone call GM two of their crash dummies got away.   I guess that might be funny to someone out there.   Truth is, there is nothing funny about this story.   The boys name is Omran Daqneesh, 5, and he and the girl beside him were dug out out of rubble from a  damaged building after a Syrian government or Russian airstrike struck the building in the northern city of Aleppo.

What makes this not funny whatsoever is that here in the U.S. our kids are getting all pretty up'd to go back to their safe schools while our politicians ramble on about keeping America safe, and none of us seem to care about what is going on in Syria.   The other option for these kids was escape to a endearment camp in Germany or France.   The Brits have tossed them the middle finger with their Brexit vote and the U.S seems to be doing the same with its Donald Trump vote (who by the way supports Russia in their logic for bombing in Syria . 

So what can we do?

 Gosh I don't know, but I'm starting with the top of my Goggle search, UNICEF

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