Does anyone really know what is going on?

Does anyone really know what is going on?  I mean, "Come On!"  One study says I need to lower my cholesterol and another says the statins I'm taking to lower it are killing me.  One report says the economy is getting better, another says the shit has hit the ceiling.  And now, a fucking asteroid comes within 53,000 miles of Earth's surface, and we find out about it a day later. That's right folks, an city devastating asteroid the size of a Buick came close to us and we didn't know about it until it was too late. 

I for one think that by allowing dick heads like Rush Limbaugh to get by all these years spitting lies as facts, we don't have any left.  

I need a cheeseburger. 

Clinton Trump Conspiracy

Michael Moore, the guy who gave us "Roger and Me" which was a great, great, film, has recently stated that Donald Trump's presidency was always fake.  In this article, Moore says that Trump was just trying to get more leverage for his ongoing negotiations with NBC over his Apprentice deal.   

This may or may not be true, but the facts are Donald Trump is running a losing candidacy and has no chance of winning because the US voting populace isn't as stupid and racist as the Republicans who elected him as their nominee.  

And so, the question has to be asked: how did Hilary Clinton end up with such a great opponent?   This election is going to be a slam-dunk for her not seen since her husband, Bill Clinton, ran against Bob Dole who when asked what type of underwear he wore (Bill Clinton had been stated as wearing "boxers"), Bob Dole replied, "depends."  For those who don't see the relevance, "Depend" was an adult diaper at the time.  

Getting back to my point, it is just too hard for me to believe that Donald Trump isn't somehow a decoy developed by the Clintons to ensure her a win in November.  And, this scares this red-blooded liberal, because her husband Bill, at best, was a Republican Light president who cut taxes for the Right while cutting programs for the poor, and the liberals of the day bought into it because Bill Clinton was the first elected Democrat in twelve years (truth told, 32 years, since our last real Democrat president pushing a liberal agenda was JFK, after him the two Democrats were Johnson and Carter, both conservative southern Yellow-Dog Democrats. 

Okay, here's the conspiracy: President Obama was the first kind of/sort of "liberal" president we have had since Kennedy.  And, with the combination of a Clinton and Turnip... I mean, Trump choice, he's certain to be our last for awhile. 

Damn I hope the aliens return soon to kill off the mean people.

I make fun of everything I can, from Donald Trumps stupid bid to rule the world to the way George W Bush did rule the world.  Yes, there is humor in most things, but not this photo:

I mean, I guess I could say something sarcastic like, someone call GM two of their crash dummies got away.   I guess that might be funny to someone out there.   Truth is, there is nothing funny about this story.   The boys name is Omran Daqneesh, 5, and he and the girl beside him were dug out out of rubble from a  damaged building after a Syrian government or Russian airstrike struck the building in the northern city of Aleppo.

What makes this not funny whatsoever is that here in the U.S. our kids are getting all pretty up'd to go back to their safe schools while our politicians ramble on about keeping America safe, and none of us seem to care about what is going on in Syria.   The other option for these kids was escape to a endearment camp in Germany or France.   The Brits have tossed them the middle finger with their Brexit vote and the U.S seems to be doing the same with its Donald Trump vote (who by the way supports Russia in their logic for bombing in Syria . 

So what can we do?

 Gosh I don't know, but I'm starting with the top of my Goggle search, UNICEF

Feet and Hands are showing on a Muslim woman at the beech, wtf!

Yes, it's true, France has banned the 

Swimsuit For Muslim Women.

It is being called the Burkini (for Donald Trump supporters, the word is a combination of the Burka
which is garment worn by Muslims to cover everything, and the Bikini


which is a garment worn by American woman selling beers as the Nascar races). 

 I for one have to agree with the banning of the so called "Burkini," I can't believe any dissent woman would allow that much skin to show in public.  Enough is enough you wanting Muslim woman.  You should be ashamed showing your feet and hands, not to mention your face uncovered like that.  Allah help us all.  


Note to my Muslim readers (please don't kill me). 

Donald Trump Film Festival. What?

If Rush Limbaugh ran for president using made-up lies as facts: Donald Trump.

So Donald Trump tweeted:  "many people" are saying Clinton is linked to the execution of an Iranian scientist."

Which a Clinton campaign aide responded, "'Many people are saying' = 'I made this up.'"

I guess now we know what it would be like if Rush Limbaugh ever ran for president using his made-up shit as facts. 

1st Gold Medal Goes to the USA for... Shooting a rifle. Figures.

So, the USA wins the first Gold Medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for... shooting a rifle.   Figures.

Meanwhile, people protest outside.
Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?...



guess so

Don't Vote For The Psycho

You're Fired Donald Trump

Yes, the fun-and-games with Donald Trump are about over and what a sucker he has been.  He thought he was so slick, that he could bullshit his way into the presidential White House.  Oh, we had fun with him, that's for sure.  And when I say "we," I mean the people wanting to be entertained.  I'll admit I was one.   I even blogged how I might vote for him, once, but I knew I wouldn't.  Like we all did.  We have enjoyed watching him clap his hands and flip on stage for us, but we are getting tired of it.  The reality of a Trump presidency is and has always been a joke.  Yes, Mr. Trump, we played with you and, well, you are fired for being an idiot.  Next contestant please.

Yes, he who laughs last laughs hardest.  And the deceiver has been deceived by the very public he thought he was deceiving.

Such an idiot.

Dr TVBoogie

Ted Baxter or Donald Trump?

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