After the one/two punch from Sarah and Michelle, I'm a Democrat again.

Watching the first night of the Democratic convention, I was still feeling the Burn...  But after the one-two punch from Sarah and Michelle, I'm with Hillary.  Michelle's speech was so inspiring I actually want to be a Democrat again; and then Sarah telling the Bernie cry babies:  "You’re being ridiculous" (without the 'f' word).  I actually feel like there is hope for a real liberal movement. 

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The Republican Party Is Reality TV At It's Best

So I watched the Republican National Convention.   It was a train wreck I couldn't turn away from.  I mean, the (would be) first Trophy Wife First Lady plagiarized Michele Obama by lifting part of Michele's speech from 2008 (a fact they fessed up to by the end of the convention).  Then The Donald seemed to be on the air talking to reporters while his key speakers were addressing the ever-so-thining crowd  (a la phoning in to Fox News just as the mother of an American killed during the attack in Benghazi, Libya, was speaking powerfully onstage).   Obviously, no one else matters to the Trump.   Then, Ted Cruz, Mr. Shut Down The Government While I Pass Gas Out My Ass, finally did something I appreciate:  he didn't endorse The Donald and so the two rivals continue their puffy-cheek feud.

I should turn to the Democratic National Convention now, but won't.   I mean, what I see in Hilary and what's his name?... oh yeah, Pence... wait, I mean Kaine...  is the moderate wing of the Conservative Party.  That's right, another liberal shut out.   (Yes, go fuck yourself with your 'liberal press' bullshit; never has been never will be.)

So, the situation is normal: AFU (All Fucked Up). But, I go on and on and will watch my favorite Bobby Kennedy speeches instead.  One thing is for certain.  Being a liberal I always wondered who were the simple minded people watching reality TV shows like The Apprentice with Donald Trump.  Looking at the Republican Party I now know: the same people who believe Unions are bad, the press is liberal, and Jesus doesn't like baby killers:  The Republican Party.

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Weird Video Night



this has to be one of the hardest of the bird words, to spell.  I mean, Duck, Quake, Dove, Shove... you get it.  What I didn't know about Pigeons is they are domesticated animals.  Seriously, think about it, they have learned to flock in a city without being killed.  They're not pussies (in the LGBT friendly sense); they're... Dudes!

 I don't really spend a lot of time trying to pet them, I just notice them as:  Not Birds, but, they are nice neighbors.  There is this couple that I've seen around.   Lately, I was only seeing one, I wondered:  divorce?  death?  Now I see children, here is their video.

film at eleven

This is a video I made the day after a sniper killed five police officers in Dallas.  Being a Dallasite, it really is crazy how this shit keeps happening here.

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