'Brexit' supporters are backpedaling: a lesson of the Conservative Asses in the US

So, in the NY Times I read

Having Won, Some ‘Brexit’ Campaigners Begin Backpedaling

Which I knew they would.  For the whole 'Brexit' movement in the UK is the same conservative bullshit Donald Trumps spits out today in the U.S. on immigration; George W. Bush (the smartest Republican Ever) made a career out in his wars; and Ronald Reagan someone made chic by breaking the back of the middle-class with trickle-down economics. 

During the 'Brexit' campaign, the "Brexit' campaigners had said: Freed from the shackles of the European UnionBritain’s economy would prosper and its security would increase. Britain would “take back control” of immigration, reducing the number of arrivals. And it would be able to spend about 350 million pounds, or about $470 million, a week more on health care instead of sending the money to Brussels.
Well, now, Brexit supporters such as Nigel Farage, the leader of the fiercely anti-European U.K. Independence Party, conceded that the £350 million figure was a “mistake.”  In reality, this £350 is more like £150 million through rebates and money that Britain spends to subsidize its farmers and poorer regions.   

And on immigration, On Friday, the day after the referendum, Daniel Hannan, a member of the European Parliament and one of the most knowledgeable advocates of Brexit, stunned some viewers of the BBC by saying: “Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there is now going to be zero immigration from the E.U., they are going to be disappointed.”

Mr. Hannan wrote on Twitter, “I was for more control, not for minimal immigration.” Facing a backlash, he observed that a lot of Remain voters “are now raging at me because I *don’t* want to cut immigration sharply,” adding, “There really is no pleasing some people.” He then announced that he would “take a month off Twitter.”

So there you have it Conservative Sports Fans, 'Brexit' was a bunch of Neo Con talk in England equal to that in the U.S. about Private Healthcare and Lower Taxes, only, the fucking 'regular' Brits didn't take it seriously and so now have to live with a right-wing outcome that even has their Conservative prime minister resigning. 

So, here is my warning to the US: 

 Stop Voting Fucking Republican or we will end up with our own 'Brexit' mess to clean up like the previous Ronald Reagan S&L Bailout which cost taxpayers billions, and the George W Bush (SRE) wars which are still costing us billions.  

Stop the madness now people.   If you do vote, no vote Republican.  Please.


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