Why I will probably vote for Trump.

Okay, it is crazy and something, as a card-carrying-blue-colar liberal I shouldn't admit, but I'm going to:  I'm seriously thinking about voting for Donald Trump.   Yes, I know he is an idiot, bigot, selfish-egotist who was born with a silver-foot in his mouth, but I have my reasons.

One, I jokingly said to a conservative friend after the W Bush debacle -- the smartest Republican President we ever had -- that I wouldn't vote for anymore Clintons if he didn't vote for anymore Bush's.  Well, much to my surprise, they didn't select the Beverly Hillbilly Bush, Jeb, and so, I think I owe it to do the same and not vote for another Clinton.

Two, I never really did like the Republican Light policies of President Bill Clinton, nor the Chicken Hawk war votes of Hilary when she was a senator and supported the W Bush's war.

Three, I call the Ralph Nader factor.  That is to say, that just as Ralph Nader ran for president in 2000 knowing that he couldn't win the presidency as a third party and in all probability would cost the Democrat's Al Gore the election, but still, ran on the Green Party ticket anyway stating that the differences between the Republicans and Democrats were so little, it didn't matter and that by electing someone like e.i.e.i. o George Bush,  we would finally be ready for a  real progressive change.  And you know what, Mr. Nader was right: I mean, George W Bush was probably the last Republican Neo-Con we will ever elect, and I'm thinking after four years of Donald Trump, the country will be so ready for progressive change, we will vote in our first real liberal President since F.D.R.   Fuck, we might even do something really great like vote  would have to be something as crazy and great as Ubuntu -- if you don't know what Ubuntu is yet, I advise you to check out Gaia.com's Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger.

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