THE "Republican" WITCH IS DEAD!

Since Ronald Reagan the Republicans have gotten away with murder.    They have cut taxes for "their supporters (as GW Bush,  the smartest Republican Ever once joked)" and put the tax burden on the working poor (once considered the middle class); they stopped "good" government in the name of "obstructionist" government to appease toothless Joe in Idaho who thinks "No Government" is a good thing; and worse of all, the Republicans have stopped the majority will of the U.S. by suppressing the majority vote through redistricting and voters I.D.s.

Well, all that changed yesterday with the Supreme Court's rejection of the Republican's bill that would have only considered registered voters over a total population in setting district boundaries.  Something they've done in Texas which is one of the reasons a Democrat can't get elected as Dog Catcher.  

Yes, more proof 'Truth' is finally coming to light and the "peoples voice" will be heard.  


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