Should I be alarmed by the military buildup, in Dallas?

Should I be alarmed?

Last week I saw a military B52 fly over my house in North Dallas.  Since then I've seen numerous black helicopters and military type convoys passing through town on I30?  It's probably nothing, but I still find it amazing that in 2004 I was listening to a NPR segment with Andrei Codrescu as he humoursly explained how the military was doing a "mock" invasion on New Orleans because they said New Orleans was the most "foreign" designed city in the U.S.  Of course, this was 1 year before the Katrina hurricane where the National Guard was sent in to police the city.   It really seemed odd to me at the time that within a year of a military "urban drill," the practice would be put to good use.

Today it's hard to find much written about the "mock" invasion Codrescu spoke about in 2004.  I found an Indie Media post which talks about it, other than this it's been forgotten, or worse, hidden.

And so when I see the military flying over my city and driving through town, I do have to fear that there is something up.  I mean, I live blocks away from the Ebola outbreaks last year -- which happens to be the same area where the first sexually transmitted Zika virus was found in the US.

No, surely they're not...

Maybe I should be alarmed.

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