Planned Parenthood Lives!

I drive by this Planned Parenthood Center once a week and there originally were about fifteen protesters, it is now down to two scared guys -- who I know are scared by their buldging sidearm holsters.  Anyway, seeing the shitty turn out makes me feel there is hope in Texas still.   It also makes me feel better about the last Ted Cruz protest I went to where maybe fifty people showed up -- I thought it should be more like a typical ten-thousand protest you would see in Chicago or New York; still, a pretty good turn out for Dallas.

Oh well, is it any wonder Ted Cruz is being snubbed by his own party as he tries to shut-down government over his radical plans on defunding Planned Parenthood.  Yes, sports fans, the tides are turning.   Ride 'em cowboys and cowgirls (this is a liberal post).

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