Don't think Paul Ryan is running for president, think again.

He who laughs last laughs the loudest.  Sorry for the cliche but we are talking U.S. politics here and so here we go.  The Republicans will have the last laugh.  Oh we liberals have had our fun with Bernie Sanders, our first serious liberal candidate since FDR, and then the un-electibility of Ted Cruz and Donaldless Trump.   Need I remind you the Republican party is the great satan in the US.  100%.  The Democrats are about 75%, but with the age of enlightenment finally making headway with the legalization of pot and gay marriage, the tides they must be stopped.  Don't forget, the Republican party has murdered (JFK was covered up by Nixon, it is what Watergate was all about, trust me), and then George Bush had the balls to proudly serve as our first un-elected president.  The Republicans need the White House like a gangster needs rap.  They have finally chipped away abortion rights, cut taxes for their wealthy supporters so that they are now paying lower taxes than they did in the 50's; yes,  they have almost obtained their goal of breaking the system so they can rebuilt it without social "scum" programs like free highways and affordable healthcare.   Only the rich deserve those things.  They make America great.  Fuck the tire changers, maids, and waitstaff, you work for me you worthless piece of shit.  I dare you to start a union.

Yes, be kind to the rich if you want to eat.  Worship at our feet and maybe we will throw you a penny in the name of Jesus.  And Paul Ryan is the man.  Look in his eyes.  You can see the flames of hell; yes, a man who would put a knife in his own mother's heart if she got in his way of power.  Power!  POWER!!!

Yes, get ready, just when we thought it was getting better, the Republican's give us Satan.

You heard it here first.  It is April 14, 2016.   You watch.  The Christian Right is Ready to Fight.

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