Bush Family Don't Like Dumb? WTF.

You know, some people should never be able to say certain things about certain people.  For instance, Bernard Madoff shouldn't be able to tells us his thoughts on another corporate criminal, nor should Bill Clinton tell us about sexual abstinence.  So what's up with the Bush Family?  Do they not know that President George Bush (who I jokingly call 'The Smartest Republican Ever "SRE") is really, really, stupid.  Just look at his life, nothing but destruction in its path with failed business' and government policy.  The only truly successful thing he ever did was sell the Texas Rangers for a profit.

Is the Bush family as stupid as GW?  I mean, WTF!  They go on the Daily Show (according to the Daily Beast)  and say, “(we)...want smart, capable people to run, and when it turns into this…!”

Ah, I for one can not believe they would have the guts to state words that should have been directed at their father.  I mean really, it must be a family trait: don't mention your father's stupidity and maybe it will go away?   

Well, it won't and you're wrong Jenna.  Don't you remember how your father (G.W. Bush SRE) wanted to speak at your University of Texas graduation but didn't only days before when his advisors finally got him to see he would be booed by everyone in the stadium, including you!   

Damn, stop calling the kettle black.  

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