Should I be alarmed by the military buildup, in Dallas?

Should I be alarmed?

Last week I saw a military B52 fly over my house in North Dallas.  Since then I've seen numerous black helicopters and military type convoys passing through town on I30?  It's probably nothing, but I still find it amazing that in 2004 I was listening to a NPR segment with Andrei Codrescu as he humoursly explained how the military was doing a "mock" invasion on New Orleans because they said New Orleans was the most "foreign" designed city in the U.S.  Of course, this was 1 year before the Katrina hurricane where the National Guard was sent in to police the city.   It really seemed odd to me at the time that within a year of a military "urban drill," the practice would be put to good use.

Today it's hard to find much written about the "mock" invasion Codrescu spoke about in 2004.  I found an Indie Media post which talks about it, other than this it's been forgotten, or worse, hidden.

And so when I see the military flying over my city and driving through town, I do have to fear that there is something up.  I mean, I live blocks away from the Ebola outbreaks last year -- which happens to be the same area where the first sexually transmitted Zika virus was found in the US.

No, surely they're not...

Maybe I should be alarmed.

Don't think Paul Ryan is running for president, think again.

He who laughs last laughs the loudest.  Sorry for the cliche but we are talking U.S. politics here and so here we go.  The Republicans will have the last laugh.  Oh we liberals have had our fun with Bernie Sanders, our first serious liberal candidate since FDR, and then the un-electibility of Ted Cruz and Donaldless Trump.   Need I remind you the Republican party is the great satan in the US.  100%.  The Democrats are about 75%, but with the age of enlightenment finally making headway with the legalization of pot and gay marriage, the tides they must be stopped.  Don't forget, the Republican party has murdered (JFK was covered up by Nixon, it is what Watergate was all about, trust me), and then George Bush had the balls to proudly serve as our first un-elected president.  The Republicans need the White House like a gangster needs rap.  They have finally chipped away abortion rights, cut taxes for their wealthy supporters so that they are now paying lower taxes than they did in the 50's; yes,  they have almost obtained their goal of breaking the system so they can rebuilt it without social "scum" programs like free highways and affordable healthcare.   Only the rich deserve those things.  They make America great.  Fuck the tire changers, maids, and waitstaff, you work for me you worthless piece of shit.  I dare you to start a union.

Yes, be kind to the rich if you want to eat.  Worship at our feet and maybe we will throw you a penny in the name of Jesus.  And Paul Ryan is the man.  Look in his eyes.  You can see the flames of hell; yes, a man who would put a knife in his own mother's heart if she got in his way of power.  Power!  POWER!!!

Yes, get ready, just when we thought it was getting better, the Republican's give us Satan.

You heard it here first.  It is April 14, 2016.   You watch.  The Christian Right is Ready to Fight.

Who gave the neanderthals herpes? We did.

I knew it.  In today's BBC they write that modern humans traveling out of Africa gave the Neanderthals herpes and ringworm when we met.   Yep, the gift that keeps giving -- if your brain is advanced enough.   And I thought they got it from a toilet seat.

On a lighter note, Stephen Hawking's still can't eat with a fork but is sending a spaceship to a star 5 light-years from Earth. What is the catch?  The spaceship is the size of an iPhone.

I wonder how many mouths that iPhone spaceship could feed?

In stocks today, General Cannabis Corp (CANN) is up again!  Check it out.  Yep, a fucking stock tip from the Video Bohemian.

Save London by going Green.

So it is a fact that the Earth is shifting.  I first read about it in Gizmodo.  In that article it is stated that "...because planets aren’t perfect spheres, but bumpy, pitted things whose mass is always on the move..." you get the drift.  It also went on to say the two causes are: "... the melting of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, and changes in the global distribution of water stored on land. Both of these are related to a single underlying phenomenon: climate change.

Okay, that article was written some years ago.  So, I decided to give us a 2016 update as to see where it has shifted and according to Business Insider, not only is it going to get hot as hell everywhere, the North Pole is headed south.  According to that Business Insider article, the North Pole is headed toward London!

Now, before I say something stupid about this, let me tell you that I use Green Mountain energy and drive an environmentally sound car:  a diesel Volkswagen.  I also recycle plastic (sometimes, probably more than most) and walk a when I can.  I also take the damn light-rail here in Dallas which is really a bitch because the depots are really, really, hot.   Can you image how much hotter they will be with global warming.

Anyway, what I'm saying is this.  Lets all do a little more.   For one, please bring your fucking own grocery sac.  I mean, not only are they good on the environment, they hold a whole lot more.

Okay, so, for the sake of London, do something.

Dr. TV Boogie

Bush Family Don't Like Dumb? WTF.

You know, some people should never be able to say certain things about certain people.  For instance, Bernard Madoff shouldn't be able to tells us his thoughts on another corporate criminal, nor should Bill Clinton tell us about sexual abstinence.  So what's up with the Bush Family?  Do they not know that President George Bush (who I jokingly call 'The Smartest Republican Ever "SRE") is really, really, stupid.  Just look at his life, nothing but destruction in its path with failed business' and government policy.  The only truly successful thing he ever did was sell the Texas Rangers for a profit.

Is the Bush family as stupid as GW?  I mean, WTF!  They go on the Daily Show (according to the Daily Beast)  and say, “(we)...want smart, capable people to run, and when it turns into this…!”

Ah, I for one can not believe they would have the guts to state words that should have been directed at their father.  I mean really, it must be a family trait: don't mention your father's stupidity and maybe it will go away?   

Well, it won't and you're wrong Jenna.  Don't you remember how your father (G.W. Bush SRE) wanted to speak at your University of Texas graduation but didn't only days before when his advisors finally got him to see he would be booed by everyone in the stadium, including you!   

Damn, stop calling the kettle black.  

Planned Parenthood Lives!

I drive by this Planned Parenthood Center once a week and there originally were about fifteen protesters, it is now down to two scared guys -- who I know are scared by their buldging sidearm holsters.  Anyway, seeing the shitty turn out makes me feel there is hope in Texas still.   It also makes me feel better about the last Ted Cruz protest I went to where maybe fifty people showed up -- I thought it should be more like a typical ten-thousand protest you would see in Chicago or New York; still, a pretty good turn out for Dallas.

Oh well, is it any wonder Ted Cruz is being snubbed by his own party as he tries to shut-down government over his radical plans on defunding Planned Parenthood.  Yes, sports fans, the tides are turning.   Ride 'em cowboys and cowgirls (this is a liberal post).

THE "Republican" WITCH IS DEAD!

Since Ronald Reagan the Republicans have gotten away with murder.    They have cut taxes for "their supporters (as GW Bush,  the smartest Republican Ever once joked)" and put the tax burden on the working poor (once considered the middle class); they stopped "good" government in the name of "obstructionist" government to appease toothless Joe in Idaho who thinks "No Government" is a good thing; and worse of all, the Republicans have stopped the majority will of the U.S. by suppressing the majority vote through redistricting and voters I.D.s.

Well, all that changed yesterday with the Supreme Court's rejection of the Republican's bill that would have only considered registered voters over a total population in setting district boundaries.  Something they've done in Texas which is one of the reasons a Democrat can't get elected as Dog Catcher.  

Yes, more proof 'Truth' is finally coming to light and the "peoples voice" will be heard.  


Big day in Wisconsin for Typical Trump Supporters

Big election day in Wisconsin.  Everyone is talking about it.  If Trump loses it is over and if Bernie wins it is just a beginning.  Wow.  Doesn't matter much for me, I just want to get a glimpse of that Trophy First Lady of Trumps... she's hot.

Signed, Typical Trump Voter

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